Call of Duty: Warzone now supports 120FPS on Xbox Series X

Keshav Bhat

With the new patch update that deployed this week for Modern Warfare & Warzone, Infinity Ward has updated the game’s performance on the new Xbox Series X.

Players are reporting that Call of Duty: Warzone now runs at 120FPS on Xbox Series X following the latest patch update. The game, which is still classified as a Xbox One title, appears to have gotten a boost from the newest patch to support the latest console.

The Microsoft Store listing for Warzone, and Modern Warfare, have added in a “120FPS” feature tags to it. It also mentions that the game supports HDR10 and “4K Ultra HD” now as well in the Microsoft store. Modern Warfare’s store listing also says 120FPS for Xbox Series X, so MP of Modern Warfare could also feature support, but that’s not been testing yet.

Eurogamer also ran tests on their own, and confirmed that the game does in fact hit 120FPS during portions of the matches. In their testing, they noted that the game does fluctuate between 100FPS and 120FPS throughout the game.

Initial testing on PlayStation 5 appears to show that the game is still running the PS4 version of the game only, and is locked to 60FPS. Eurogamer has tired to change the settings of the PS5 version to see if it’s got the performance boost, but it still does not.

Testing has confirmed the PS5 version, which is running PS4 version backwards compatibly, is locked at 60FPS.

There’s no indication as to when to expect a full patch for PS5 to allow it to have unlocked frame rates that match Xbox Series X, but it could happen with the Black Ops Cold War integration in December.

Stay tuned for the latest news on Call of Duty: Warzone, including a date for when PS5 can expect the performance boost.

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