Call of Duty: Warzone Cash System – Buy Stations, Killstreaks, And More

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Call of Duty: Warzone has an in-game currency system that is revolved around Cash system that lets players access new content in Warzone.

The cash system is fully in-game only and not impacted or part of any microtransaction system.

Players enter every match with $0 in cash to their name. As you begin to loot and find weapons, equipment, and more, you also will find Cash around the map in various quantities. The cash stack you see will be smaller for lower amounts of cash and larger for higher amounts of cash.

The entire game really revolves around this cash as it allows you to get equipment and items from Buy Stations located around the map.


Buy Stations are located in various locations around the entire map and are easy to see on your map. And with the advanced ping system in Warzone, you can easily mark a close by Buy Station for you and your teams to see to get too when needed.

Buy Stations let you use your cash to purchase certain items like Killstreaks. Players cannot earn killstreaks the standard way they’re used to in multiplayer. You have to buy streaks (or, very rarely find while looting).

Players can only carry one killstreak at a time. If you purchase more than one, it will only let you take one, so your teammate will have to hold the other.

Here’s a look at what you can get from Buy Stations, and note the prices may changed based on feedback. One thing you can also get from these stations is the ability to buy back your teammates if they’ve failed to get through the Gulag or the Gulag has expired.

Here’s what you can purchase:

The amount of Cash you can find and earn is quite balanced from our play testing experience. You don’t find too much, and you have to be strategic about how you spend your cash — whether to save it up for killstreaks or to save it to buy a possible downed teammate.

You can also share Cash between teammates by dropping the cash you have. On PS4/Xbox, press down on the D-Pad, and then use the right trigger stick to highlight cash, and drop stacks. Your teammates can then pick up the stacks if you want to pool it together to get a certain killstreak in-game.


Yes, Call of Duty: Warzone does feature Killstreaks. As we noted above, buying from Buy Stations or very rarely finding on map is the only way to get these and not all killstreaks from MP are carried over to Warzone mode.

There’s a variety of options available when it comes to killstreaks and some operate very similar to that in MP. There is a UAV streak, but the UAV streak is a very small circle that pings enemies in the radius nearby you for a set time. It does not show the entire map, only the small area near you and your team.

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