“Big Bertha” Cargo Truck spawn rates finally reduced in Warzone Solos

After Cargo Trucks, or Big Bertha’s, plagued Warzone’s solo mode for months, Raven Software has finally reduced their spawn rate.

The Cargo Trucks, commonly referred to as Big Bertha’s, have been plaguing Warzone Solo matches for months. Boasting a ton of health and an almost bullet-proof cab, it was extremely difficult for a lone player to take them out. This caused convoys of Berthas to roam the final circles of BR Solos, and the community begged for change.

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In an update on May 27, Raven Software has continued its efforts to keep Warzone’s meta balanced but also delivered a highly-anticipated update to Warzone Solos.

Warzone Cargo Truck

Dr Disrespect has been extremely vocal about removing Cargo Trucks, calling Solos a “miserable mess” and saying removing them would fix the mode. Raven Software teased the change in the Season 3 Reloaded patch notes on May 20, and they finally delivered this change in a game settings update on May 27.

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In the official patch notes, Raven Software said that “Cargo Truck spawn rates for Verdansk Solo BR mode have been reduced to 5 (static) from a range of 16 to 20.”

While they haven’t removed the powerful tools entirely, they should be a lot rarer in Warzone Solos, and likely won’t survive until the end of the match.

Warzone big bertha with trophy

Continuing with their recent dedication to engaging with the community, Raven Software explained the logic behind their decision:

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Cargo Trucks are incredibly durable and provide ample cover from enemy fire—which makes them the optimal choice for map rotation. In Solos, players are not keen to unload a considerable amount of their resources into the removal of Cargo Trucks, which would often result in a significant number of them in final circles. The ensuing gameplay allowed players to skirt traditional engagements and created a crutch that put less of an emphasis on end game positioning and gunplay. A substantial reduction in the number of Cargo Trucks in Solos will make whittling them down over the course of the game a feasible and attractive option given their considerably reduced map presence.

Hopefully, with this change to Big Bertha trucks, winning a match of BR Solos will be more about positioning, aim, and awareness, and less about keeping your Cargo Truck alive into the endgame.

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The extremely popular CR-56 AMAX also received another small nerf in this update, so we’ll need to wait and see how it changes the meta.

Image Credit: Activision

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