Best Warzone weapon optics for PC, Xbox, and PS5

Liam Mackay
Warzone operator firing scoped weapon

Warzone YouTuber and statistician TrueGameData has calculated the best weapon optics you can use, whether you’re on PC, Xbox, or PlayStation consoles.

With so many weapon optics available in Call of Duty: Warzone, it’s extremely difficult to pick the right one for your setup and playstyle. It can be easy to copy the best streamers’ loadouts, but if their screen size and FOV are different from yours, you might not find the same success.

Luckily, TrueGameData, a YouTuber and creator of a Warzone stats website has created a tool that helps you calculate the best optics for your FOV, screen size, and distance from the monitor.

Best Warzone optic for PC players

Warzone SVT-40 PU Scope 3-6x

TrueGameData recommends PC players with a high FOV and Affected use the SVT-40 PU SCope 3-6x for Vanguard guns.

He explains that the 3x is similar to the extremely popular VLK 3.0x Optic for Modern Warfare, which became the go-to thanks to its medium zoom level and low visual recoil. Plus, you can switch to the 6x if you need to hit extremely far away targets.

TrueGameData also said the Night Vision optic is a solid choice, but it can be somewhat countered by players running Cold-Blooded.

Best Warzone optic for Xbox, PS4 & PS5 players

Warzone Mk 3 Sunfilter optic

With an Xbox or PlayStation player’s 80 FOV, TrueGameData recommends they use any 1.5x optic on Vanguard’s weapons.

Unfortunately, console players are stuck at a low 80 FOV, which makes everything much more zoomed in. This means that using anything above the 1.5x will give you a ton of visual recoil, which makes your weapons significantly harder to use.

But if an Xbox player wants more zoom, he says you can use the G16 2.5x. But, be wary of the visual recoil.

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Even with this list, we highly recommend checking out the TrueGameData website and inputting all of your correct measurements. This will give you the perfect optic tailored to you.

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Image Credit: Activision