Best ISO loadout for CoD: Warzone Season 3

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best iso warzone loadout

The ISO is a close-range Modern Warfare SMG that is fairly underrated. In the right circumstances and with the correct attachments, it can absolutely shred from up close in the form of the best Warzone ISO loadout.

SMGs have been pretty viable during Warzone’s lifespan. From the MP5 to the Cold War Mac 10, players have been utilizing their fast fire rate to dominate close-range engagements.

Way back in Modern Warfare’s fifth season, the ISO SMG dropped as a new weapon. Now, in Warzone Season 3, the weapon is still a great close-ranged option, taking down enemies very quickly in close combat. Here’s how to maximize its potential with attachments.

Best Warzone ISO loadout

Best Warzone ISO loadout

Best Warzone ISO loadout attachments

  • Barrel: FSS Nightshade
  • Laser: Tac Laser
  • Stock: ISO Collapsible
  • Underbarrel: Merc Foregrip
  • Ammunition: 50 Round Drums

The best ISO loadout starts with the FSS Nightshade barrel, as not only does this provide the weapon with a suppressor and boosts damage range, recoil control, and bullet velocity.

The ISO Collapsible and Tac Laser are useful for mobility, increasing movement speed, and aim down sight speed. Further, the 50 Round Drums is also vital for performance because of the fast fire rate, allowing players to maintain the rate of fire for much longer.

The Merc Foregrip is great for some recoil control, and even though this weapon isn’t great at range, it still helps with controlling the weapon when you need it.

Best perks for ISO Warzone class

best perks warzone iso class

Perk 1 – Double Time

Using Double Time will allow you to move faster for longer, which is always a great benefit when using an SMG and flying around close-quarters battles.

Perk 2 – Overkill/Ghost

You will need a long-range weapon with the best ISO Warzone loadout. Using Overkill will allow you to have an Assault Rifle, LMG, or Sniper Rifle.

You can then acquire Ghost from a second loadout drop to keep yourself from showing up on enemy UAVs or Heartbeat Sensors.

Perk 3 – Amped

Finally, Amped will make sure you have increased weapon swap speed to make sure you do not get caught switching weapons by an enemy player.

Best Warzone ISO loadout

How to unlock the ISO

To unlock the ISO, players will need to get 5 Kills using an SMG with a Holo Optic in 7 different matches.

The best way to do this is to load up Modern Warfare, jump into multiplayer with a Holo Optic on an SMG of your choice and start killing.

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