Aydan drops World Record 60 kills in Solo vs Squads Warzone run

Jimmy Russo

Call of Duty streamer, Aydan, has set the World Record in Warzone kills at 60 – a mark that may never be broken.

As soon as Infinity Ward released Warzone to their latest Call of Duty title, it was a smash hit with streamers. Unlike Fortnite and Apex Legends, the action was non-stop. It gave players several additional chances to win the game and more kills than they could get in any other Battle Royale.

Streamers immediately began racing to see who could get the most kills in a match. To this day, competitive Warzone matches revolve around kill races. We hadn’t seen a ceiling on how many kills a player could get in a single match – until now.

Warzone streamer, Aydan, may have hit that ceiling, registering 60 eliminations in a single Solo vs. Squads game – capping it off with a 1v1 against a Juggernaut to seal the win.

The previous world record is only a couple of months old. Russian streamer, Stikinson, hit the 57-mark on September 15. It only took two months for Aydan to bring that title back to the US with his 60-kill showing.

Of course, Aydan immediately took to social media to brag about his kill record and fact-check it with his fans. “I’m honored to be the first player to hit 60,” He told his followers in a Twitter video after ending his stream.

Will anyone ever break the 60-kill mark again? We can’t say for sure. Anyone who comes close to 60 will need to have a lot of things go their way. It’s a high bar to clear, but not impossible.

At such a clean number like 60, we’d be surprised if other streamers didn’t challenge for Aydan’s crown. It probably won’t happen anytime soon, though, so we can expect Ayden to retain his world record for the foreseeable future.