Another Warzone invincibility glitch is costing players wins in Season 4

Joseph Pascoulis
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Yet another invincibility glitch has hit Warzone in Season 4 of the battle royale, causing players to lose fights and miss out on wins.

Warzone is certainly no stranger to bugs and glitches, and despite Raven Software’s efforts to stay on top of issues and produce updates with fixes, problems continue to pop up for players.

With that being said, the notorious invincibility glitch has made its return in Warzone Season 4, ruining players’ matches and preventing them from getting wins as they try to take down impenetrable enemies.

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Warzone streamer TrickyRicky was enjoying a Warzone Season 4 match on Caldera when he encountered an enemy that he was unable to do damage to, causing him to “lose it.”

The streamer had 26 kills, only needing to eliminate the last player in order to win the match. TrickyRicky knew something was up as soon as they began shooting the player, as his bullets weren’t doing any damage and he wasn’t getting any hitmarkers, despite being on target:

“What the hell is happening? Like why can’t I kill these guys.”

What’s even crazier is that TrickyRicky managed to get behind the invincible player and initiate a finisher, but after the animation completes, the player stays alive as if nothing has happened.

The enemy player then casually turns around and kills TrickyRicky, winning the match, leaving the streamer extremely frustrated and confused.

While some believed this invincible player to be a hacker, a player in the comments of the Twitter video states that “its a glitch, its not cheats…it happens sometimes but don’t know the exact way this happens.”

This isn’t the first time we have seen this invincibility glitch, so hopefully, Raven Software can get onto this quickly and bring a fix.

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Image Credits: Activision

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