All Caldera Mercenary Vault locations in Warzone Season 4: How to find Golden Keycards

Nathan Warby
Warzone Mercenary Vaults locations

Warzone Season 4 introduced secret Mercenary Vaults for players to discover around Caldera, which can only be accessed by finding a Golden Keycard. Here’s how to get your hands on a Keycard, and where to find each vault on the map.

Warzone Season 4 is finally here, and it’s done plenty to shake up the formula in CoD’s battle royale title. On top of the expected new guns and weapons adjustments, Raven pushed the boat out with an entirely new map called Fortune’s Keep.

The new season has also started with the special Mercenaries of Fortune event, giving players a host of challenges to complete to earn shiny rewards. One of these challenges tasks players with opening up a secret Mercenary Vault somewhere on Caldera.

These hidden bunkers require a Golden Keycard to access, so we’ve put together a guide on exactly how you can get hold of one and where each Mercenary Vault can be found.

How to find Golden Keycards in Warzone

Warzone player at door of a vault

Before you try and plunder a Mercenary Vault, you’re going to need a Keycard to open the door. There are three different ways you can obtain one in Warzone, and we’ve listed them all below:

  1. Looting Supply Chests
  2. Pick up from an eliminated player who had one in their inventory
  3. Completing Contracts

Unfortunately, all three of these methods rely heavily on luck and there is no way to guarantee that you’ll stumble across a Golden Keycard. But you can improve your odds by tweaking how you play.

Keycards have a higher chance of spawning in Supply Chests found in High Tier Loot Zones, so dropping into one of these locations will drastically help your chances. Contracts will randomly award Keycards upon completion too, so pick up as many as you can.

Mercenary Vault locations in Warzone

Once you’ve managed to acquire a Keycard, the next step is to find one of the seven secret Mercenary Vaults scattered around Caldera. Luckily, the locations are marked on the map by a gold circle, so you shouldn’t have much trouble tracking them down.

To make things even easier, we’ve listed where you can find each one below:

  • Between Lagoon and Airfield
  • North of Fields
  • Just outside Resort
  • To the East of Power Plant
  • Below Runway
  • South of Docks, towards Factory
  • Between Digsite and Mines

Once you’ve found your way inside the vault, you’ll be met with a keypad. Simply interact and the goodies inside will be all yours.

What’s inside Mercenary Vaults?

Warzone Season 4

Before you go through the hassle of opening a Mercenary Vaults, you might be wondering if it’s worth your while. On top of being a requirement for one of the challenges in the Mercenaries of Fortune event, these bunkers can also help you to victory.

Once you head inside, you’ll see a boatload of Supply Chest for you to open, including the extra valuable red chests. These will give you the following rewards:

  • Weapons, including rare Blueprints
  • Killstreaks
  • Cash
  • Ammo
  • Field Upgrades

There can be over ten Supply Chests in each vault, so it’s definitely worth you and your squad trying to access one, as there’s more than enough loot to go around.

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