Will CoD: Vanguard have skill-based matchmaking?

Vanguard player behind cover

Skill-based matchmaking has proved to be a controversial addition to the Call of Duty series in the last few years, and fans are curious as to whether or not it will be returning in CoD: Vanguard.

The release of Call of Duty: Vanguard is set to bring with it plenty of exciting new additions to the CoD cannon. From a stacked list of weapons to a brand new Pacific Warzone map, there’s a lot for fans to look forward to.

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However, it’s an existing feature that also has the community talking. Will the divisive skill-based matchmaking be making a return in this year’s Call of Duty? Here’s what we know.

Vanguard player aiming down sights

What is skill-based matchmaking?

SBMM is a system used in many video games which aims to keep online matches fair and balanced by filling them with players who are operating at a similar level.

The feature looks at players’ past performances by analyzing stats like K/D ratio and matches them against others who are thought to be of the same skill level.

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Players believe that Call of Duty uses this along with engagement-based matchmaking, where this rating is heavily based on the last match you played, which could explain why games sometimes feel easier straight after a bad performance.

The feature has been divisive since it was brought into the series with Modern Warfare in 2019. Casual players tend to welcome it as they can avoid stressful lobbies, while high-tier players have criticized it for making their games far more difficult.

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Two Vanguard characters firing SMGs

Will Vanguard have SBMM?

Sledgehammer Games are yet to officially confirm whether or not SBMM will be returning in Vanguard, but all the signs do seem to suggest that it will be there.

Last month, known CoD leaker ‘TheMW2Ghost’ tweeted to say that the controversial system will be back in Vanguard, and it will function the same as it does in Black Ops Cold War.

We will update this article once devs formally share more details about matchmaking and how it will work.

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This news will likely frustrate those who have criticized the system in the past. Many feel that while, in theory, it should lead to more balanced lobbies, in reality, it punishes players for a good match by putting them against players far more skilled than them.

It remains to be seen if the ongoing complaints will cause Sledgehammer to make any tweaks when Vanguard finally releases in November.

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Image credits: Activision