Vanguard’s Season 1.5 update Armory issue fixed, causes issues with some Blueprints

Hamza Khalid
Vanguard operators holding weapons

The Season 1.5 update brought many changes to CoD: Vanguard, but players have reported that the patch has caused issues with the in-game Blueprints. Players are now able to access the Armory again, but are still reporting some items are missing.

Vanguard received its first big patch of January 11, 2022. The Season 1.5 update brought various bug fixes, weapon balancing changes, and other adjustments. However, it also came with a few problems that Sledgehammer quickly addressed.

Vanguard operator using a sniper rifle

Players have reported that after the update went live, the in-game Blueprints began to go missing. It seems that the latest patch has caused the Armory to be locked in-game, which caused frustration for players.

Reddit user “SouthernG_-_” highlighted this issue in the CoD: Vanguard subreddit. They stated that while checking out their saved custom MG42, they noticed that there was no Blueprint in the armory.

This was also the case with other weapons, as all Blueprints seemed to have disappeared after the Season 1.5 update went live. Sledgehammer Games has confirmed that Blueprints have re-appeared in-game and the Armory is accessible again in a tweet on January 11th.

Some Redditors claim that their Blueprint of the MG42 included grey tracers but after the update, the weapon tracers are missing. Others are experiencing the same issues in Call of Duty: Vanguard.

Blueprints often come with cosmetic changes and special attachments. So, it’s understandable why players aren’t happy that the new Vanguard update has caused them to stop working properly.

“Not even gonna risk playing a match,” commented one user. “With our luck, it will break our accounts and we won’t be able to actually play with those Blueprints again.” This is an issue that Sledgehammer will fix soon.

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Image credits: Sledgehammer Games

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