Vanguard Season 4 leak claims popular World War II map is returning

CoD WWII map USS Texas

A leak suggests that a popular map from Call of Duty: World War II could be making its way to Vanguard with the Season 4 update.

Vanguard Season 3 has left players feeling frustrated with the lack of new content geared toward enhancing the game’s multiplayer. This could all change with Vanguard Season 4 as a leak is claiming that a popular World War II map will arrive with the update.

If what the leak is suggesting becomes reality, then this could repair some of the faith that players may have lost in Vanguard. After all, the addition of classic Call of Duty maps is something Vanguard players have been calling for throughout Season 3.

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USS Texas Call of Duty: WWII map

If you’re familiar with Call of Duty WWII, you may have already surmised that the map in question is none other than USS Texas. The popular map would allow players to battle it out on the deck of a massive battleship in Season 4.

The leak originated from CODSploitzLeaks and has since been circulating on the web as players’ anticipation of the possible new map continues to grow.

It remains to be seen if the map is expected to arrive with the Season 4 update, or Season 4 Reloaded update. In addition, there is currently no information concerning the theme of the new season.

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Once Sledgehammer Games reveal information about Season 4, the possibility of USS Texas’ arrival should become clear.

Several Call of Duty fans are already taking to Twitter to state that they would have preferred London Docks over USS Texas. Nothing is confirmed as of yet, but perhaps USS Texas could be the first of several classic maps coming to Vanguard.

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Image Credit: Activision

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