Vanguard’s “worst” Riot Shield ever is dividing players

cod Vanguard riot shield

Call of Duty players are divided over Vanguard’s iteration of the Riot Shield, as there are mixed feelings about its performance.

Call of Duty: Vanguard’s Multiplayer has had pretty good reviews since its release, with the developers staying on top of bugs and pushing out fixes relatively quickly.

When it comes to the best weapons in the game, the Riot Shield is not something that springs to mind. Having said that, some players enjoy using it, causing mixed feelings about Vanguard’s version of the Riot Shield.

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Reddit user BloodTypeIsBlue put a video up in the CODVanguard subreddit highlighting just how bad the Riot Shield is in Multiplayer, claiming it is “the worst in the franchise.”

The Call of Duty community has never really loved the Riot Shield. This is especially the case in Warzone, as many claim the playstyle as toxic.

Players hardly appreciate it when enemies choose to troll others by sitting behind a shield and chuck throwing knives. It seems the backlash may have influenced Vanguard’s version of the Riot Shield.

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In the video, Vanguard’s Riot Shield seems easy to counter. The player’s head pokes out above the shield allowing the enemy to get a headshot with ease.

One user said, “this is gonna make camo challenges very frustrating for those that are grinding them.” While some completionists and Riot Shield users aren’t happy about this, there are also many that are pleased.

Some even believe the Riot Shield is better like this: “ahh tbh this makes me think it’s the best in the franchise.”

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In the community, there is a mixed opinion about Riot Shields. It does seem like the worry is more about having to use it for challenges than actually using it as a preference.

The most recent November 10 update for Vanguard actually saw the Riot Shield get a slight buff.

Image Credits: Activision / Sledgehammer Games