Vanguard players discover solution for impossible Automaton Gold camo challenge

Luca Di Marzo
automaton assault rifle in vanguard

A workaround for those unable to complete the Automaton Gold camo challenge has now been found.

After taking a look at some of the camo challenge requirements, Vanguard players were shocked and confused. The Mindgames camo challenge for the Automaton Assault Rifle requires a player to get “ADS kills with the Anastasia Sniper Barrel, Empress Broadsword Stock, and Assassin Proficiency equipped”.

To the dismay of players, the Automaton has no such Proficiency called “Assassin”. It doesn’t take a genius to realize something is wrong. Without the Assassin Proficiency available to the Automaton, this challenge is impossible to complete.

Automaton gold camo Vanguard

Vanguard players have discovered that equipping the Frenzy Proficiency in place of Assassin will allow you to complete the challenge. In order to complete the Mindgames camo challenge, players must get ADS kills with the Anastasia Sniper Barrel, Empress Broadsword Stock, and Frenzy Proficiency attached.

This is a huge relief to the players who are not only trying to unlock the Automaton Gold camo but also for those who are attempting to accomplish the incredible task of unlocking the Atomic Mastery camo. At the moment, the Automaton is a popular weapon of choice. You can now enjoy it in its full Gold glory.

The camo grind continues

It seems Sledgehammer has dropped the ball here again. This issue is less of a glitch and more of a problem with inaccurate text displayed next to the challenge. This is just one of several reported bugs and glitches to have surfaced since Vanguard’s release.

Sledgehammer has addressed a few of the issues through patches although many remain in the game.

The sooner most issues are dealt with the sooner players will get to enjoy the genuine Call of Duty: Vanguard experience.

Image Credits: Sledgehammer Games / Activision

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