Vanguard players slam devs for lackluster Incendiary Grenade fix

Joseph Pascoulis
vanguard incendiary grenade

Call of Duty: Vanguard players are dissatisfied with the recent Incendiary Grenade nerf, as the equipment is still causing frustration among the community.

The latest Vanguard 1.5 update has been causing a few issues for players since its release, despite aiming to fix various problems.

The developers also nerfed the Incendiary Grenade on January 7, which players had been complaining about for some time now. As the equipment was previously very strong, they decided to tone down the damage, but other issues still remain.

vanguard lethal equipment list

Reddit user ObamaFlows put up a sarcastic post in response to the recent Incendiary Grenade nerf along with a clip showing the poor “screen shake, [and] visibility.”

Of course, it’s great that the damage was nerfed, as this was a huge problem and as one comment pointed out, “At least with Fortified you don’t die instantly.”

However, many are still frustrated about the number of visual effects, screen shake, and overall disruption these grenades cause. One of the comments even states that Incendiary Grenades are making the game “unplayable.”

“Small maps are basically unplayable. Even medium sized maps that have close-range areas with objectives are unplayable…nothing has changed other than you can survive a few more seconds before you burn to death or turn your game off from the ridiculous screen shake.”

Hopefully, Sledgehammer take a deeper look into the issues caused by the Incendiary Grenades, as it seems a lot of the community is having the same frustrating experience.

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Image Credits: Sledgehammer Games / Activision

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