Vanguard players furious with Akimbo Shotguns and Riot Shield combination

Vanguard Akimbo Shotguns

Akimbo Shotguns are currently running rampant in Vanguard and with the ability to strap a Riot Shield to the back, these players are frustratingly difficult to kill. 

If you’ve dabbled with Vanguard over the holidays, chances are you’ve encountered some pesky Akimbo Shotguns and Riot Shields. According to numerous players, the maddening combination of Shotgun and Riot Shield is ruining the Multiplayer experience for the Call of Duty community. 

With the Overkill Perk, players can strap a Riot Shield to their back and utilize an Akimbo Shotgun class that dominates close quarters. The destructive power and extended range of this Shotgun are making it nearly impossible to deal with.

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Akimbo Double Barrel Shotgun

The Double Barrel Shotgun has usurped the Combat Shotgun for the most used Shotgun in Vanguard. Thanks to the Akimbo attachment, the Double Barrel can practically transform into MW2’s infamous Model 1887. 

This isn’t the first time Shotguns have caused issues in Vanguard. During the game’s release month, the Combat Shotgun was deemed overpowered by Vanguard players. Shotguns tend to cause quite the stir when their damage range goes unchecked as evidenced in the clip below.

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To make matters worse, most players with Shotgun in hand tend to equip a Riot Shield as well, creating the most frustrating combination of weapons in the game. With a Riot Shield protecting players’ backs, finding a weak spot is extremely difficult. 

Although players have begged for the devs to release an update that would nerf Akimbo shotguns, this likely won’t happen until they return from their holiday break. 

One way of solving this issue would be to attach more downside to players who choose to utilize this combination. Furthermore, some have suggested moving Overkill into Perk slot 1 or 2 where there’s more competition for Perk selection.

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Of course, the simple solution would be a weapon balancing update. Warzone players are experiencing similar frustration courtesy of the Double Barrel Shotgun.

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Image Credit: Sledgehammer Games