Vanguard players claim new Overclocked Tactical mode feels like “proper Call of Duty”

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It didn’t take long for Vanguard players to warm up to the new Overclocked Tactical mode as it feels like an old-school Call of Duty experience.

Since the launch of Vanguard, players have complained about numerous issues ruining the multiplayer experience. Amongst the many problems that players could not cope with, incredibly fast TTK and killstreak spam were two of the most prevalent.

Thankfully, Vanguard players have found a sanctuary from those two issues as the new Overclocked Tactical mode is becoming a fan favorite by delivering a classic CoD experience.

Ball Turret Gunner Vanguard killstreak

As the name of the mode suggests, players are locked into Tactical pacing which mostly means 6 vs 6 gameplay. Straight away, Overclocked Tactical draws in players who prefer the classic 6 vs 6 setting akin to past CoDs.

In addition, Overclocked Tactical also prevents the use of killstreaks and offers increased health to players. A post by CallMeNomad made its way to the Vanguard subreddit and it explains why these features make the mode feel like “proper Call of Duty”.

Vanguard’s TTK has been a hot topic of discussion as most weapons in the game can kill at blistering speed. With buffed health, the Vanguard weapons feel more balanced and the gameplay has the feeling of past Call of Duty titles, “The TTK is just right and the killstreak spam is gone”.

The lack of killstreaks also makes playing the objective a more forgiving task which only adds to the entertainment of matches. The post ends with a plea to keep the mode in Vanguard for a prolonged period but the devs will likely stick to their habit of offering limited-time modes that stray from core Vanguard modes.

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Image Credit: Activision

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