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Call of Duty: Vanguard

Vanguard players call for return of classic mode to counter grenade & Killstreak spam

Call of Duty players are hoping the return of a classic game mode can make Vanguard a less chaotic experience.



Vanguard barebones game mode

At times, Vanguard can prove to be a frustrating experience due to the messy and frenzied gameplay. Players are now begging for respite from the chaos. 

Since its launch, much has been made about Vanguard’s poor visual quality. Between the glitches, bugs, and overall lackluster visibility, the game can be difficult to digest at times. 

The sheer amount of explosions caused by Killstreaks and equipment contribute to a significant loss of clarity on screen. Vanguard players have had enough and are now demanding the return of a classic CoD mode that is devoid of Killstreaks and equipment.

Vanguard visual quality

The Barebones game mode first appeared in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Since then, it has popped up sporadically throughout Call of Duty titles. In one iteration of the game mode titled Barebones Pro or Barebones Pure, players would make do without Killstreaks, Perks, attachments, and equipment. 

Perhaps a full reintegration of this exact game mode isn’t necessary but a version of it without Killstreaks and equipment would drastically improve visual quality and enjoyment for those who are experiencing issues with hectic gameplay.

Trophy System Modern Warfare

The Combat Pacing is certainly a factor when it comes to how hectic your Vanguard experience can get. With more players on a map, it’s natural that you’ll run into more Killstreaks and equipment that will lead to frustrating deaths. 

The lack of a Trophy System amplifies the issue as there is no natural counter to equipment. With an increased volume of players on a small to medium-sized map, it’s extremely common to be overwhelmed with Thermite, Stun Grenades, and the relatively new Incendiary Grenades.

Reddit user Le_Eu_voices their distaste for Vanguard’s chaos and many community members seem to agree that a Barebones game mode would be a blessing. Vanguard players are willing to enter combat with only a weapon to protect themselves.

Things truly get out of hand when players spam Mortar Barrages. Not only are they destructive but they significantly reduce visual quality with dust, smoke, and screen shaking to the point where it can make the game unplayable.

A Barebones game mode would alleviate some of the frustration of frequently dying to fire equipment or Killstreaks. In addition, the game mode would allow players to enjoy all of Vanguard’s Combat Pacing options and maps. 

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Image Credits: Activision / Sledgehammer Games