Vanguard players call for major change to Shipment playlist

players fighting in vanguard shipment map

The legendary Shipment map has been reimagined in Call of Duty: Vanguard, but players feel that the new playlist option has once again ignored a key element about the map.

CoD veterans know Shipment like the back of their hand as it has been remastered numerous times since its incredible debut back in Call of Duty 4 in 2007.

The small, combat-heavy map always leads to high-scoring games with tons of Killstreaks and chaos, this is of course unless you’re playing it on Team Deathmatch.

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It was only recently that players were discussing ways to improve TDM, believing the mode to be over too quickly, but players are frustrated that the new Vanguard playlist added on November 17 has not increased the score count for the map.

shipment map in cod vanguard

Vanguard has several game modes that can all be played on it, but it’s the TDM variant that’s bothering players as they spend more time queueing to get into the match and dealing with post-game shenanigans than they do actually playing the game.

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Reddit user benosthegreat said: “Playing Shipment 24/7 is 25% gameplay, 75% watching MVP and waiting for the next match. TDM games last LESS THAN 2 MINUTES, and as a bonus this year, we are forced to sit and watch the play of the game and MVP.

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“How many times can this game mode be released without increasing the score cap? We had the same issue on MW2019.”

The problem with Shipment, especially if you play it with Assault and Blitz Combat Pacing this year, is that exposed sightlines, endless Killstreaks, and haphazard spawning can rack up kills insanely quickly.

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One commenter said: “Playlist is terrible. Games only last about 2 minutes tops on anything other than domination” and another player offered: “I skip TDM where I can. Games over in 60-90 seconds.”

Sledgehammer Games will always be open to tweaking the online experience to make it as pleasurable and entertaining as possible, so don’t rule out them changing up the score count in the future.

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Image Credit: Activision / Sledgehammer Games

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