Vanguard players call for major buff to “useless” Stim Tactical

Luca Di Marzo
Vanguard Stim buff

Healing with Stim has been an integral part of Call of Duty in recent years, but Vanguard players are calling for a major buff after branding the Tactical Equipment “useless.”

If utilized properly, the Vanguard Stim can be a vital tool that extends your life at key moments. Traditionally, using a Stim has been about quickly regenerating your health after a tough gunfight, getting you ready for another engagement.

The effectiveness of this equipment relies primarily on how quickly the Stim kicks in. Regenerating at top speed and engaging in another gunfight is the ideal scenario when using a Stim. Unfortunately, Vanguard Stims have gone through an overhaul that renders the equipment useless at times.

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Vanguard Stim Tactical Equipment

The primary issue with a Vanguard Stim is that it simply takes too long to regenerate health. If you take damage in your initial gunfight that resulted in a kill and proceed to activate your Stim, you should technically recover to full health immediately.

The delay that exists in Vanguard after hitting your Stim completely defeats the purpose of the Tactical Equipment in question. A Stim relies on speed to function. Reducing its main appeal to nothing has completely rendered it ineffective.

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Considering how long a Vanguard Stim takes to activate, you’re better off lying low and waiting for natural health regeneration. Players who tend to equip Stims usually play at a fast pace and look for constant gunfights. They may not be able to do so in Vanguard until the Stim is buffed.

This player has made the tough decision to remove the Stim from all loadouts. This year, there are several great choices in the Tactical Equipment slot. You may want to take a note out of the above player’s book.

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Not only does the current functionality of the Stim have drawbacks, but you also need to consider that they are at a disadvantage by overlooking other Tactical Equipment. Vanguard’s Stun Grenade is particularly powerful this year, delivering 20 damage to nearby opponents.

One player sums up the experience of using a Vanguard Stim. More often than not, you’ll die in the process of healing. Again, this is due to the fact that they simply don’t heal fast enough, which players are taking note of.

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Despite the obvious downside of using a Stim, some of its characteristics work as intended. For example, you still receive a brief speed burst after activating your Stim.

It remains to be seen if the developers have any intention of buffing the Stim Tactical Equipment in an upcoming patch. Sledgehammer released the first major Vanguard patch on November 10.

The patch addressed major issues involving weapon camo challenges, as well as operator challenges. Sledgehammer also confirmed that they are aware of the Search & Destroy bomb glitch currently plaguing Vanguard.

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Image Credits: Sledgehammer Games / Activision

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