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Call of Duty: Vanguard

Vanguard unlimited Armor Plate glitch makes players near-invincible

An issue with Armor Plates in Vanguard appears to be making players seemingly invincible thanks to an armor glitch.



cod vanguard operator using bar gun

Armor Plates are behaving rather irrationally in Vanguard at present as players have complained that an Armor Plates glitch is making players invincible.

Call of Duty: Vanguard is set to share many of the same qualities with Warzone, especially as the games become integrated into one another for Season 1.

Battle royale players are used to plating up in Warzone and will be doing so on the new Caldera map, but you can also do it in Vanguard – thanks to one of the game’s Field Upgrades.

Armor Plates allow players to equip body armor, and the slow recharge rate usually counteracts the free nature of increased health. Yet, players seem to be spawning in with unlimited armor, and can seemingly tank a huge amount of damage.

armor plates field upgrade in vanguard

The issue has been brought up by many people and even multiple-time World Champion Call of Duty player Jordan Kaplan has posed the question, saying: “Has anyone seen a glitch in this game with armor plates where people legit have 3x health?”

The Head Coach for the Minnesota ROKKR COD League team even brought up the issue with his Tweet: “Is there a glitch with the armor plates in this game? I just played a game where I was putting an entire clip in people from behind and not even breaking the plates.”

There also seems to be some video evidence of this being a thing with one Twitter user sharing a video of the circumstances described above.

The footage appeared to show a player just spawning into the game, and having a ton of ammo used up on them, only to somehow not kill them. Given that they just spawned, they clearly already had Armor Plates equipped, and the damage they took was excessive.

One Twitter user even posed the question in the replies to a JGOD Tweet saying “I ran into a team that kept spawning with Armor Plates every time they died, wasn’t the full team, but a couple, have you seen this?”

To which another CoD fan replied: “It’s an armor glitch that needs to be patched ASAP.” Sledgehammer Games have yet to comment on the apparent Armor Plates glitch, but given the potentially harmful nature of the issue, we’d expect a fix sharpish.

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Image Credit: Activision / Sledgehammer Games