Vanguard players beg for one simple change in Season 5

Luca Di Marzo
Vanguard Operator Berlin with weapon

Vanguard players have made it clear that one simple change is at the top of their wishlist when it comes to the major Season 5 update.

Although Vanguard Season 4 Reloaded is the next major update set to shake up the game, some players are already looking forward to Season 5. According to leaks, Season 5 could be the final Vanguard season, and players have high expectations for the grand finale.

With every season new weapons are added to the game, and Season 5 should be no different. However, Vanguard players are desperate to receive more WWII-era weapons after other post-launch weapons have failed to hit the mark.

Vanguard player annoyed at mechanized as44 blueprint

When Vanguard launched with 38 WWII-era weapons they all felt like they had their place in the world that the game created. The sounds, sights, and weapons all worked together to create an authentic 1940s atmosphere.

Unfortunately, players have noticed a drastic shift from the WWII feel that the game began with. One player summed it up on the Vanguard subreddit by highlighting the need for classic WWII guns in Season 5.

The player feels as though each new season of Vanguard has pushed the game’s feel and atmosphere further away from WWII due to the new prototype weapons added to the game. They hope that Season 5 can “round out the end of the cycle with some iconic WWII weaponry.”

Players in the comments wholeheartedly agreed: “Yes I feel that this game was way better in season 1 but then went off the rails, return to ww2, we really more ww2 guns.”

Some players offered suggestions for new Season 5 weapons and it seems like the classic FG-42 is a popular request.

In addition, the Lee-Enfield, which appeared in Vanguard’s campaign was another highly requested weapon: “for sure. id love to get something like, idk, the lee enfield that’s in the campaign. at the very least just something that actually saw combat. prototype weapons are boring as hell.”

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