Vanguard exploit lets players equip Atomic camo instantly

Liam Mackay
Mp40 with vanguard atomic mastery camo

While Vanguard players are completing the ultimate grind to unlock the Atomic Mastery camo, a new exploit is actually allowing it to be equipped instantly.

Call of Duty: Vanguard is here, and the camo grind has begun. With almost 40 weapons to level up and complete camo challenges for, it takes an incredibly long time to unlock the final, elusive, Atomic Mastery camo.

Vanguard has been out less than a week, but some players are already equipping the Atomic camo by taking advantage of an exploit that skips the grind.

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Atomic camo on Vanguard STG44

To unlock the Atomic camo, players need to get the Gold camo for every single weapon in the game. This is a huge feat and not one that anyone will have legitimately completed within a matter of days. Plus, some camos are known to be bugged and are impossible to complete until patched.

However, know Call of Duty leaker and data miner Nanikos appears to have discovered an exploit, showing off Vanguard’s Atomic camo in a public match.

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Nanikos does show the process on their Twitter account, revealing that it is indeed a glitch and not an unlock tool or hack. We won’t reveal how to do it, and we recommend players avoid doing it themselves.

Activision is known to punish players for exploiting the system, so no matter how elusive the camo is, it probably isn’t worth risking a ban over. Plus, Sledgehammer Games are very likely to be on top of this exploit soon, patching it and stripping players of the camo.

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If you’re looking to complete the camo grind yourself, you can check out our guide on how to level up weapons as fast as possible in both multiplayer and Zombies.

Image Credit: Sledgehammer Games

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