Vanguard devs make highly-requested change to Ranked Play matchmaking

Luca Di Marzo
Vanguard Ranked Play Operator

Vanguard’s Season 3 update issued a major fix to Ranked Play matchmaking after players were begging for improvements.

Vanguard Ranked Play officially left its Beta state when the Season 3 update rolled out. This major step forward introduced a ton of changes, and most tweaks improved the mode’s quality of life.

One of the most pressing complaints from Vanguard Ranked Play fans was the poor matchmaking that would place you in a lobby with several players outside of your region. Most of the time this would result in high-ping matches, but all that is set to change in Season 3.

vanguard players shooting in ranked play

When playing a competitive game mode, players rely on a smooth connection to get the job done. Unfortunately, this was often not the case in Vanguard Ranked Play as poor matchmaking would create high-ping lobbies by grouping up players from different regions.

Although Sledgehammer are the lead development studio behind Vanguard, Treyarch Studios stepped in to assist with various components of the game. One of their major contributions is to Vanguard’s Ranked Play, and it seems they’ve been listening to the community’s requests.

The patch notes from the Season 3 update fixed “Ranked Play matchmaking rules to reduce the likelihood of receiving a high-ping match with players from a different region.” This was a highly-requested change from the competitive community, and the devs certainly delivered.

The fact that you’ll no longer be placed in cross-region lobbies with high ping should improve your Vanguard Ranked Play experience from a connection point of view.

The major update also restricted the Volk, fixed a ton of bugs, and updated the list of Ranked Play rewards on offer. Most importantly, it also reset Skill Rating so you’ll have to jump back in and play your placement matches to start the Season 3 grind up the ranks.

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