Sledgehammer Games fixes Vanguard pacing selection issues

Vanguard Operator aiming rifle

After several complaints involving the inability to properly select Vanguard Combat Pacing, Sledgehammer Games has seemingly fixed the issue. 

Sledgehammer Games introduced a brand-new gameplay mechanic to Vanguard multiplayer called Combat Pacing, which dictates the size of the lobby, and more importantly how hectic the gameplay is set to be. 

The new feature was initially extremely well received by most players as ultimately, giving you more control over your preferred multiplayer experience is a good thing. The one problem that users noted after getting their hands on Vanguard was that this feature doesn’t necessarily work 100% of the time. Thankfully, it seems like Sledgehammer Games have fixed this issue.

Vanguard Combat Pacing options screen with Tactical selected.

Tactical pacing offers you the classic 6v6 multiplayer experience. Regardless of map size, you should drop into a 12 player lobby, which is great for those who prefer to focus on objective-based gameplay.

Assault is meant to bridge the gap between 6v6 gameplay and pure chaos. The specific number of players in an Assault lobby varies from 8v8 to 10v10 depending on the game mode and size of the map. The most chaotic of the three Combat Pacing options is Blitz. Due to the high engagement rate of 12v12 lobbies, Blitz is great for ranking up weapons

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The problems with Pacing selection arise when you would specifically choose Tactical gameplay. More often than not, if you selected Tactical pacing, you’d be thrown into 8v8 and 10v10 lobbies. This completely defeats the purpose of being able to select the Combat Pacing you wish to play. 

Luckily, Sledgehammer has rolled out a quick fix. You will now exclusively be a part of 6v6 lobbies when Tactical gameplay is selected. What’s more, you can now enjoy every map regardless of size in a 12 player lobby.

Vanguard is still a new game and there are going to be countless bugs and issues to encounter along the way. Most recently, a strange exploit has allowed players to equip the Atomic Mastery camo without completing the required objectives. In addition, many players are now calling for some of the harsh Vanguard camo challenges to be reconsidered.

It’s nice to see Sledgehammer respond to our concerns regarding Vanguard Combat Pacing issues. As more and more bugs get brought to the attention of the dev team, we can expect them to eliminate these issues are they arise. Hopefully, the numerous issues involving camos are addressed soon.

Image Credit: Sledgehammer Games

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