Is Vanguard getting a Ranked Play mode?

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Ranked Play Vanguard

Hardcore Call of Duty fans have repeatedly asked for a Ranked Play mode in Vanguard. Here’s an update on a post-launch Ranked Play mode and when to expect it. 

For certain Call of Duty players, the basic Multiplayer experience doesn’t cut it. Vanguard players who want to test their skills against other top players currently have no way of doing so as they continue to wait for a Ranked Play mode

One of CoD’s biggest competitors in Halo recently launched with a dedicated Ranked Play and the mode has been considered a resounding success.

Vanguard players remain frustrated with the lack of competitive support for the game, but newly discovered information hints that the arrival of Ranked Play may be right around the corner.

Will Vanguard receive a Ranked Play mode?

BOCW ranked play

There is currently no official announcement concerning a release date for Vanguard Ranked Play but reputable Call of Duty leaker TheMW2Ghost has suggested that Ranked Play could be arriving in Season 2.

Although this recent discovery is a step in the right direction, fans of Ranked Play will have to wait a little longer to get their hands on the highly-anticipated mode. 

With the Season One battle pass set to expire on February 1, it’s safe to assume that Season 2 will launch in early February 2022. Ranked Play is an integral part of keeping the Multiplayer community engaged. The progression system and grind of climbing ranks incentivize players to keep coming back for more.

Most players turn to Ranked Play because they enjoy the challenge of playing against opponents of a similar skill level. In addition, players on your team will be more inclined to play the objective and not quit matches halfway through.

WW2 ranked play

One of the most frustrating issues players have with Vanguard is that lobbies are hardly ever full with the maximum amount of players on both teams. This occurrence leaves one team shorthanded which limits their ability to play the objective and win the match. 

Fans of the Call of Duty League will be eager to test their skill in Ranked Play that follows a similar format to the professional league. The ruleset is geared toward competitive play which should appeal to long-time Call of Duty players. 

The Vanguard devs have already come under fire as gamers compared Halo Infinite’s sublime launch full of desired content to Vanguard’s barebones offering. However, a new year brings new hope, and fans of the franchise will be hoping for a fresh start.

Be sure to check back in for more details concerning Vanguard Ranked Play in Season Two. For now, have a look at this sneak peek of an unreleased Vanguard Season One Multiplayer map. 

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