How to play on Shi No Numa in Vanguard Zombies

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With the new Vanguard Zombies “Day 115” update, players are able to play on the classic map Shi No Numa. Here is everything you need to know about how you can play on the fan-favorite Zombies map.

Vanguard Zombies’ mid-season update is in celebration of “Day 115” or January 15. The date is special to Zombies lore as Element 115 is the substance that created the flesh-eating horror back in Treyarch’s Call of Duty: World at War.

What better way to celebrate a Zombies-inspired day than give players the opportunity to play one of the most memorable maps from the series, Shi No Numa.

Here’s how you can play on Shi No Numa in Vanguard Zombies.

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The new Zombies update is giving fans a lot of new content for the mode which has been heavily criticized since Vanguard’s release. Players wanted the classic Round-based Zombies experience, but instead got something very different.

Luckily, the Day 115 update promises to bring some classic gameplay back with Shi No Numa, but it isn’t as easy as selecting the map on the main menu.

How to play Shi No Numa in Vanguard Zombies

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In order to play on Shi No Numa, players must do the following:

  1. Load up Der Anfang on Vanguard Zombies.
  2. Play through the mode until you unlock access to Von List’s Office and find the new portal.
  3. This new portal will take you through to Shi No Numa where a new objective called “Void” can be played.

Void is essentially a new mode in Der Anfang which is essentially the classic round-based mode players are used to: “advance through rounds by defeating increasingly difficult endless waves of the undead, just like in traditional Zombies from previous games.”

Shi No Numa also has a Pack-a-Punch machine, so make sure you’re upgrading your weapons in order to get through the higher rounds.

How does Void work?

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In this Objective, players will be able to clear wave after wave, advancing through rounds while using the Pack-a-Punch machine to upgrade their weapons. After completing three rounds, players are given the choice to either Flee or Survive. Choosing to survive will mean you’ll earn 5,000 bonus Essence every three rounds you complete, with unique rewards after surviving 12 or more.

Further, “Once the portal to the Void has been opened, it will never close during your match. When you’re ready to head back to Stalingrad to upgrade your Perks and Covenants, you can leave after surviving 3 rounds and return at any time.”

So, players can enjoy Shi No Numa just like a classic round-based Zombies map, you don’t actually need to leave the objective and can stay trying to reach high rounds for as long as you can.

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Image Credits: Activision / Treyarch / Sledgehammer Games

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