CoD Vanguard December 9 update patch notes: servers, bug fixes, spawns, more

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Sledgehammer Games will be releasing another hot fix update for Call of Duty: Vanguard on Thursday, December 9 following the release of Season 1 with more fixes and updates.

The first major update for Vanguard to kick off Season 1 went live on December 6, with new features, bug fixes, and more. The full patch notes for the Call of Duty: Vanguard Season 1 update are available here.

There was then an another update to activate Season One for everyone who owns Call of Duty: Vanguard on December 8. Season One includes new playlists, new maps, the first Battle Pass, and more content.

Following that, Sledgehammer has now released another update on Thursday, December 9 with spawn updates and additional fixes. The team has shared the patch notes for the December 9.

NOTE: The previously mentioned weapon balancing changes are being delayed temporarily.

The full details on the December 9 hot fix update is available below.

CoD Vanguard December 9 Patch Notes


  • Shipment
    •  Adjusted spawn logic to reduce spawn traps

  • “Server Snapshot Error” bug that resulted in being kicked from matches has been fixed

  • Shotgun shots now correctly hit the front of enemies wearing stowed shields

  • Banning users from clans no longer results in an error

  • Mortar Barrage
    • Improved visibility by reducing full screen smoke effects. As a result, players need to be closer to the barrage to be affected

  • 2XP splash icons now appear when 2XP is set on specific platforms

  • Match progression bar now displays the accurate current level of the weapon 

SOURCE: Sledgehammer Games

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