CoD players want to see useful feature from WWII and Apex Legends in Vanguard

CoD players call for firing range from apex legends and WWII

More and more details are being revealed for Call of Duty: Vanguard, and players are hoping to see the return of the Firing Range, that Apex Legends has already taken advantage of.

The Gunsmith system is back in Call of Duty: Vanguard, allowing players to completely overhaul their weapons with 10 different attachments. Vanguard’s Gunsmith is adding custom ballistics and ammo types, so the weapons are expected to be affected even more.

With the Gunsmith system returning, Call of Duty players want to see the fan-favorite Firing Range return in Vanguard. YouTuber Drift0r has also called for Sledgehammer Games to add an extra feature from Apex Legends.

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CoD WWII Firing Range

Many FPS games have a Firing Range, allowing players to hone their accuracy and test weapons. Apex Legends’ has been extremely successful, giving players free rein to test and play with every item in the game.

Call of Duty YouTuber Drift0r, who’s known for his in-depth analysis, began the discussion by saying, “I wish @SHGames [Sledgehammer Games] would add a firing range that displays damage numbers for hits like Apex… but all the target dummies are Nazi character models that bleed and moan when you hit them. I could play this mode all day.”

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Many players agreed with Drift0r, as the floating damage numbers would allow players to see the precise impact of changing weapon attachments. Treyarch’s Senior Community Manager FoxhoundFPS also joined the discussion, saying they’ll “make sure to share this feedback on our side too.”

Drift0r wasn’t the only one to have this idea recently, with Reddit user Nomad154 posting, “Please bring back Firing Range!” Again, the comments section fully supported the idea.

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Warzone players have long been calling for a Firing Range, especially with the Gunsmith system changing so many aspects of weapons. Vanguard will bring a brand-new Warzone map, and many said that the Firing Range would be especially useful in the battle royale.

One user noted that Sledgehammer’s two previous titles, Advanced Warfare and WWII, both had Firing Ranges. While this sounds promising, we’ll likely need to wait until the full multiplayer reveal, or even the Beta, to know for sure.

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Image Credit: Activision / Respawn Entertainment