Call of Duty: Vanguard minimap changes sparks big debate

cod vanguard and cold war minimaps

Enemy players who fire their weapon without a suppressor in Call of Duty: Vanguard will not be highlighted on the minimap, with players needing a Perk to see them instead. This decision has upset some fans with them requesting the old system return.

When 2019’s Modern Warfare started to have its details and features unveiled, one, in particular, caught the eye of fans. If a player fired their gun without a suppressor, they wouldn’t show up as a red dot on the minimap like in every other CoD game.

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The reception to this gameplay alteration was decidedly mixed, and Treyarch restored the status quo with Black Ops Cold War by bringing the old minimap back.

However, Sledgehammer Games has confirmed that the 2019 minimap mechanic has returned for Vanguard. Once again, many players are upset with the change, and they think the minimap should stay the same, instead of introducing a new Perk to counteract it.

vanguard operator firing mp 40

The Perk is called Radar and it will revert the minimap back to what players expect in Call of Duty, showing red dots on the map for enemies with unsuppressed weapons. 

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The change sparked a debate on the Call of Duty: Vanguard subreddit with user Diegodinizfsa offering their thoughts: “If Sledgehammer is listening to the community: the Perk “Radar” should not exist. OG MiniMap is a must-have on COD games. Don’t touch it!”

Modern Warfare tried to evoke a sense of realism not seen before in Call of Duty games with the minimap change and even a “Realism” mode that took away your HUD. Now, it seems like Sledgehammer Games are pushing for similar ideas for Vanguard.

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Diegodinizfsa basically said that this will encourage more camping: “PLEASE SHG [Sledgehammer Games] bring the OG MiniMap without needing a perk to do it.”

Whereas one interesting comment said that it “makes for an interesting gameplay choice now. You can have a better radar at the cost of a Perk slot. Or you can forgo that and deal with it for a more powerful perk.”

Another user said: “The thing with radar is literally everyone runs suppressors. So from a gameplay perspective, this actually opens up more options in people’s builds.”

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Whatever your thoughts on Vanguard’s minimap, there will be players who love it, and some who hate it and want it to be traditional. In any event, this, along with the 10-attachments Gunsmith customization, could see a healthy array of different loadouts.

Image Credit: Activision / Sledgehammer Games

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