Modern Warfare 2 pros reveal most “broken” Killstreaks for every playstyle

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SAE killstreak Modern Warfare 2

Modern Warfare 2 offers players a ton of options when it comes to Killstreak selection. According to a top CDL team, here are the best Killstreaks to use for every playstyle.

Whether you enjoy Modern Warfare 2’s objective-based game modes, or you’re looking to slay out in Team Deathmatch, Killstreaks are a valuable tool you won’t want to ignore.

Killstreaks in Modern Warfare 2 can provide key information, as well as rain down destruction on enemy players. However, with almost twenty options in the game, it may be difficult for some to find the optimal combination of Killstreaks to equip.

Luckily, experts have shared their take on the best Killstreak combinations to use in Modern Warfare 2.

Best Killstreaks & Scorestreaks to use in Modern Warfare 2

The CDL’s LA Guerrillas posted a video on TikTok that highlights the best Killstreak combinations in Modern Warfare 2. What’s more, they outline which Killstreaks to use based on preferred playstyle.

Let’s take a look at some of the Killstreak suggestions below.

Assassin – UAV, Counter UAV & Advanced UAV

This trio of Killstreaks is perfect for players who want to maximize information for their team. Information in Call of Duty multiplayer can certainly give teams the upper hand and a nice flow of UAVs can be tricky to deal with.

On the other hand, you can make it annoying for the opposing team by limiting their information with your very own Counter UAVs. The Assassin setup is perfect for those who opt for a stealthy playstyle.

Team Player – UAV, Care Package & Cruise Missile

The Team Player Killstreak combination will make your teammates’ lives much easier in Modern Warfare 2. This trio of Killstreaks offers a ton of utility that will prove worthwhile in objective game modes.

The Cruise Missile is perfect for clearing out contested objectives, and the UAV will allow you to prepare for incoming waves of players when locking an objective down.

Slayer – Chopper Gunner, Gunship & Juggernaut

The Slayer option is ideal for those looking to rack up kills in Modern Warfare 2. The Chopper Gunner, Gunship, and Juggernaut combination will cause the maximum amount of destruction on the map.

In order to obtain all three streaks, you’ll likely have to play your life and opt for a smart style of play, seeing as the Killstreaks require 10, 12, and 15 kills in a row. However, once you’ve dominated the lobby with your gun skill, it’ll be time to take to the sky and rain down the destruction.

All three – UAV, Chopper Gunner & Advanced UAV

While going all in on a specific style of play is a great option in Modern Warfare 2, some players prefer balance. With the above Killstreak combination, you can obtain intel on your enemies with the UAVs and take them out with the Chopper Gunner in quick succession.

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