Modern Warfare 2 players think new camo grind is “too good to be true”

Nathan Warby
Modern Warfare 2 Orion camo

Modern Warfare 2 players have praised the new game’s approach to unlocking camos, as they feel it’s less of a grind than in past CoD titles.

There’s no shortage of things to keep you occupied in Modern Warfare 2, whether it’s working towards the next Prestige rank or leveling up a weapon to earn a new Receiver. Players will inevitably spend hundreds of hours trying everything that the game has to offer.

One of the most popular parts of any CoD multiplayer is the notorious camo grind, as players try and earn the rarest skins for their weapon to prove their mastery of that gun.

In recent years, many fans felt that developers were deliberately making it more difficult to unlock camos in an effort to keep them playing for longer. But earning weapon camos in Modern Warfare 2 seems to be much more rewarding, and fans think it’s “too good to be true.”

A couple of days before Modern Warfare 2’s release, Infinity Ward shared a quick look at how camos will be unlocked, using the M4 as an example. They once again revolve around completing weapon-specific challenges, but they are far more forgiving than MW 2019.

The example shown revealed that the Gold Camo challenge (the first Mastery challenge) is unlocked simply by earning kills, whether it be multi-kills or defeating enemies without reloading.

In the past, we’ve seen these challenges force players to completely change their approach by asking for long shots or kills while crouching.

Modern Warfare 2’s camo challenges seem more welcoming to casual players, and fans have welcomed the change. Reddit user 5am281 posted saying: “Unlocking Gold camo seems too good to be true.”

Replies on the Charlie INTEL Twitter were just as positive, enjoying the fact that normal gameplay will seemingly help towards camos.

“This is so so so much better than MW1-CW-VG camo challenges. Seems actually reasonably attainable even for more casual players, and also seems more doable for Warzone/DMZ players to a certain degree,” the_clay_bird said.

“No more kills while crouching, with specific attachments, with leaning your weapon, etc. I can play normal to unlock camos. Big W,” replied X-SkillZ.

Others even mentioned that would be back on the hunt for camos after the more difficult challenges made them abandon the feature altogether.

This is phenomenal. I don’t care what anyone said but the camo grind was insane to the point I didn’t even bother with Vanguard,” said Ragingseaturtle.

We won’t know the full extent of all the camo requirements until we can get our hands on Modern Warfare 2 and start completing challenges with each weapon.

However, based on what we know so far, it looks like the Modern Warfare 2 camo grind is healthier than it’s been for many years.

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Image credits: Activision

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