Modern Warfare 2 player secures “world’s fastest” Nuke with Snipers

Joseph Pascoulis

A Modern Warfare 2 streamer has pulled off an impressive two-minute Nuke in multiplayer, becoming the world’s fastest.

Modern Warfare 2 has an abundance of Killstreaks to earn, from the classic UAV to brand-new additions such as the Overwatch Helo.

Earning these Killstreaks can be difficult, especially those that demand a high killstreak like the Chopper Gunner or Juggernaut. The hardest Killstreak to earn in-game isn’t even on the Killstreak list.

This is the Tactical Nuke, otherwise known as the MGB in MW2, which can be earned by going on a 30-kill gun streak without dying. You don’t have to put this Killstreak on to earn it, as it is available to all players. However, it’s certainly not easy to get, and a lot of players may never even get one.

Streamer Jinsus has managed to earn this Nuke Killstreak in an absolutely ridiculous time, getting a 30 killstreak in just two minutes. They are calling it the “WORLDS FASTEST SNIPING NUKE,” as they earned the Killstreak by using the SA-B 50 and SP-R 208 bolt action Marksman Rifles.

Jinsu goes absolutely crazy with these weapons, getting kill after kill, even securing a collateral on the way to the Nuke. The accuracy to continue getting one-shot kills in this fast fashion is unmatched, deserving the Tactical Nuke reward.

There are a few close calls, but after gaining the Nuke, the streamer shares their excitement, saying “oh my god! I think I just got the world’s fastest Nuke! Holy sh*t!”

It’s an impressive record considering the weapons used, needing extreme precision and accuracy, especially as they are using iron sights for both Marksman Rifles.

It’s going to be tough for any player to beat this record, but we’ll have to wait and see what happens. For now, check out how to get Messi, Pogba, and Neymar Jr skins in Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2.

Image Credits: Activision