Modern Warfare 2 player reveals how to take down a VTOL in just 7 seconds

Luca Di Marzo
Modern Warfare 2 VTOL

A Modern Warfare 2 player has revealed a trick that’s perfect for taking down VTOLs quickly without the need for Launchers.

Several Modern Warfare 2 Killstreaks are incredibly powerful and difficult to deal with in multiplayer matches. In particular, the extremely popular VTOL begins with an initial strike on a targeted area, then it proceeds to hover among the clouds and rain down from above.

The VTOL Jet certainly does a ton of damage for a Killstreak that’s attainable with only eight kills in a row. Moreover, players who activate Scorestreaks and play objective game modes can attain it quicker.

Not only do players have to contend with its two-pronged attack, but the VTOL is quite difficult to destroy with Modern Warfare 2 Launchers, as it targets players quickly after being called in.

Oftentimes players are eviscerated before they can launch even one missile at the VTOL. However, thanks to a method shared by Reddit user KevlarZach, you can shoot the powerful VTOL Killstreak down in just seven seconds.

How to take down a VTOL in Modern Warfare 2

Thanks to Modern Warfare 2’s RAAL LMG, players can shoot VTOLs straight out of the sky in mere seconds. As seen in the above clip, dealing with them before they can cause any real damage is a huge advantage in Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer matches.

Players in the comments seem to agree that the RAAL method is way more efficient than using Launchers: “Pretty pathetic tbh. PILA is such trash. It and the JOKR need some love IMO.”

The ability to fire off quickly with the RAAL is what sets it apart, as one player explains “the problem with any launcher that I notice, you had to wait until the Vtol on the position to fire or else your Missile won’t do any damage.”

The waiting that is alluded to is what eventually costs most players their lives when attempting to use Launchers on a VTOL.

In addition, utilizing the RAAL keeps you in a strong position to make plays after taking the VTOL down: “And still enough bullets for a clutch, without reloading.”

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Image Credit: Activision

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