JGOD & FaZe Jev explain Modern Warfare 2’s Gunsmith’s biggest issue

CoD fans finally got some Modern Warfare 2 news on June 8 along with the worldwide reveal. Unfortunately, some in the community aren’t impressed with the Gunsmith details that have been revealed so far.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is looking to take the franchise to the next level, with Warzone 2.0, Multiplayer, and new features such as swimming mechanics and an evolved Gunsmith.

Fans finally have more details on the way in which Gunsmith will work in Modern Warfare 2, but unfortunately, some big players in the community such as JGOD and FaZe Jev aren’t too impressed.

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The Gunsmith returns in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, but this time it has some new features that Activision details in their reveal blog.

As well as bringing the Firing Range back for players to test their loadouts before entering a match, MW2 will also introduce a new attachment tuning feature, which puts even more emphasis on gun customization.

This is a feature that FaZe Jev seems most concerned about, stating in a recent video that it “completely goes against what the f*** they were saying about keeping it simple.”

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FaZe Jev feels the attachment tuning feature will actually complicate things further, making class setup customization “literally infinite,” as players can supposedly tune the weight and length of attachments and more.

JGOD also has concerns regarding the Gunsmith in Modern Warfare 2, tweeting that he disliked “the Confusion w/Gunsmith/CaC [Create a Class].”

The Warzone stats expert’s main dislike is that “we don’t have enough information about the gunsmith which is leading to confusion…Cant be worse than 10 attachment Vanguard LOL.”

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It’s currently unclear exactly how this attachment tuning feature will impact a weapon’s performance, but it has the potential to make class setups a lot more complicated due to the number of possibilities.

Keep in mind that none of this is final and the Gunsmith will likely go through changes up until the game’s launch.

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Image Credits: Activision

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