How to get unlimited tactical sprint in Modern Warfare 2: Slide cancel replacement

Matt Porter
Players running from a helicopter in Modern Warfare 2

After the removal of slide canceling in Modern Warfare 2, many thought the days of unlimited tactical sprint were behind us. Within hours of the game’s launch though, it’s clear that’s not the case, with a new exploit bringing a version mechanic back.

Movement is king in Call of Duty, and things are no different in Modern Warfare 2. Whether it’s ducking out of gunfights or getting across the map as quickly as possible, mastering your movement skills is essential.

Since Modern Warfare 2019, slide canceling has been a must-know trick for CoD players, allowing them to reset their tactical sprint to get around the map as quickly as possible. Infinity Ward removed this exploit entirely for MW2, but unsurprisingly, it hasn’t taken long for a replacement to appear.

Modern Warfare 2 unlimited tactical sprint exploit

Tactical sprint was introduced in Modern Warfare 2019, and has been a part of Warzone throughout its near-three year existence. Slide canceling allowed players to quickly hit a slide and then stop the animation, causing a tactical sprint reset. With Infinity Ward ditching the mechanic, using the melee system has created a replacement.

Players can simply melee at the end of a tactical sprint, as it resets your sprint ability and allows you to immediately start tactical sprinting again.

This is perfect for large game modes like Ground War, where the maps are huge and can take a while to get across.

This doesn’t seem to be a permanent design decision by the developers though, so don’t expect it to stick around. Infinity Ward are determined to get rid of movement exploits like this, and patched a slide cancel workaround in the Modern Warfare 2 beta.

Still, this could be a handy trick to know in the opening days of Modern Warfare 2, so it’s worth jumping into games and practicing it to get a leg up on your enemies.

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