How to get free Modern Warfare 2 Burger Town Operator with Burger King promo

Liam Mackay
Modern Warfare 2 Burger King promotion xp and burger town operator skin

Modern Warfare 2 players can claim a free Burger Town Operator and Double XP through a promotion with Burger King, so here’s how.

Burger Town has become a staple of the Modern Warfare franchise, appearing in several campaign levels and multiplayer maps over the years. Players can find a cheeky Burger Town easter egg while visiting Amsterdam in Modern Warfare 2’s campaign, and now players can actually dress as one of their cooks in multiplayer.

Here’s how Modern Warfare 2 players can get their hands on the Burger Town Operator skin as part of a Burger King promotion.

How to get Burger King rewards in Modern Warfare 2: Operator & Double XP

To unlock the Burger Town Operator and Double XP, players will need to buy the Modern Warfare 2 Meal at Burger King, and then redeem the code.

The promotion isn’t available in the US, with it being available in 40 countries including those in Europe, with it being confirmed in France, Spain, and The Netherlands so far. We’ll be sure to update you if Burger King releases a full list, but for now, you can check your local Burger King site to see if the Call of Duty meal is available.

If you’re in Australia, you can get the same Operator skin and an hour of Double XP by grabbing the Modern Warfare II Baconator Meal from Hungry Jacks.

Purchasing this meal will grant you the free Burger Town Operator skin, which features a mustachioed character wearing a Burger Town t-shirt underneath military gear. Plus, you’ll also get an hour of Double XP to help unlock everything you need ahead of Warzone 2 on November 16.

Burger King isn’t the only store to have a promotion with Modern Warfare 2, as players in the US can claim rewards from Mountain Dew and Little Caesars including CoD Points and cosmetics, and players in the UK can go to Papa John’s.

Image Credit: Activision

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