CoD leaker claims SBMM will be reworked in Modern Warfare 2

Hamza Khalid
Modern Warfare player shooting at enemy on Picadilly map

Skill-based matchmaking is a major point of contention among Call of Duty players, and a new leak is claiming that SBMM is being reworked for Modern Warfare 2.

Call of Duty is officially heading back to the present day, with Modern Warfare 2 finally confirmed after huge speculation, and fans have been hoping that the new entry will bring some fresh changes.

Now, one new leak about the sequel has emerged, claiming that Modern Warfare 2 could be bringing some major changes to reduce the impact that Skill-based matchmaking has on players’ experience.

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Modern Warfare Operators

SBMM places you in lobbies with players of a similar skill level with the intention of making matches feel more balanced. While the devs have confirmed this has always been a part of CoD, it has become a point of controversy over time.

A report from CoD leaker ‘RalphsValve’ claims that the developers could be aiming to “revise” the SBMM in the Modern Warfare sequel so that the matchmaking feels “less debilitating” to players.

One of the biggest complaints about SBMM is that while it should be used in ranked modes, it makes public and casual matches too difficult, so making this system less strict could provide a wider range of abilities in each match.

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If these leaks are accurate, then games could start feeling less strict, but the leaker also added that Modern Warfare 2 could still keep the controversial feature of disbanding lobbies after each game comes to an end.

It’s worth keeping in mind that this is all purely speculation based on leaks, and none of this information has been verified by the developers themselves so it’s worth taking it with a grain of salt.

Skill-based matchmaking may always remain a highly contentious issue among gamers who feel that it ruins matches and makes them less fun, but developers can always make changes to make it feel less restrictive.

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Image Credit: Activision

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