CoD leaker claims Modern Warfare 2 will feature major Perk changes & Last Stand return

Captain Price in Modern Warfare

As Modern Warfare 2 approaches later this year, known Call of Duty leaker TheGhostOfHope claims that the Perk system will receive a major change, and the infamous Last Stand Perk will make a return.

Although months away from Modern Warfare 2‘s launch, leakers have revealed a ton of supposed details. With the campaign having US forces square off against Colombian Drug Cartels, the multiplayer is set to include an Escape from Tarkov-inspired mode and classic maps over a two-year content cycle.

More leaks have begun to surface, with reliable leaker TheGhostOfHope revealing how Infinity Ward plan on reworking the Perk system, which includes the return of the controversial Last Stand Perk.

captain price in call of duty modern warfare

TheGhostOfHope claimed that 2022’s Modern Warfare 2 will allow players to choose four Perks rather than the traditional three.

“This means you get to choose 2 in the first column. 1 in the second column. 1 in the third column,” they explained. “From what I was told the first column is more of choosing your playstyle.”

They clarified that you’ll only be able to choose two Perks from the first column, which contains around 10 Perks to choose from. What these Perks will be is anyone’s guess, but Hope said the tradeoff to receiving another Perk is that it dictates your playstyle.

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TheGhostOfHope did confirm that Vanguard’s Radar Perk won’t be included, as the classic minimap returns — allowing players to see unsuppressed gunfire on the minimap without needing a Perk to do it.

But it might not be all good news, as Hope also claimed that the Last Stand Perk is set to return, allowing players to be downed with their pistol out before dying. However, they said that it will act as a Field Upgrade instead of a Perk. The feature was reportedly in Modern Warfare 2019 as well but was cut ahead of launch.

Modern Warfare 2 won’t arrive until the second half of 2022, so you can check out everything we know about Vanguard and Warzone’s mid-Season 2 updates in the meantime.

Image Credit: Activision

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