CoD community stunned by Modern Warfare 2’s “amazing” audio

Call of Duty fans are heavily impressed with the audio design in Modern Warfare 2’s Dark Water mission, which was showcased at Summer Game Fest on June 9, 2022.

Modern Warfare 2 was finally revealed this week, giving players more details on the new engine, story mode, and even Warzone 2.

We also got our first look at gameplay during Summer Game Fest, which showed off a mission called Dark Water. The graphics and gameplay were impressive, but one aspect of the showcase that blew the community away was the audio design.

modern warfare 2 dark water mission

The Modern Warfare 2 gameplay reveal showed off an intense mission where Task Force 141 members are ordered to board an enemy rig and disarm a missile.

The mission is atmospheric, with story weather and dynamic lighting which goes from sunset to night. Of course, it looked incredible, but what caught most people’s attention was the audio.

Popular Call of Duty leaker TheGhostOfHope tweeted: “The audio was amazing in that…the way the guys voice sounds inside the room and changes as we move back out into the open.”

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In agreement, NYSL Mavriq posted a video showing off some of the most impressive details of the trailer.

One of these included “how the sound of rain drops, thunder, etc change from inside to door opening to fully being outside.”

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Clearly, the dynamic audio is what is impressing both of these community members, stunned by how well the audio shifts as the player enters different spaces.

Modern Warfare (2019) was a huge leap for the franchise in terms of fidelity and overall realism, so it’s great to see the developers continuing this trend with Modern Warfare 2. We’ll have to wait and see just how impressive the audio is as we get to see more gameplay in the future.

If you’d like to get your hands on the game early, make sure you check out our piece on how to play the Modern Warfare 2 Beta.

Image Credits: Activision

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