How to unlock the CR-56 AMAX in CoD: Mobile Season 5

Liam Mackay
call of duty mobile cr-56 amax

Warzone and Modern Warfare’s incredibly popular CR-56 AMAX has arrived in CoD Mobile Season 5, so here’s how to unlock it Call of Duty’s mobile shooter.

With its relatively slow fire rate but high damage in Warzone and Modern Warfare, the CR-56 AMAX quickly become a popular choice. Previous CoD Mobile Seasons have seen some of Modern Warfare’s other popular weapons arrive, such as the Holger 26 and MK2 Carbine. Now, the AMAX has arrived.

The CR-56 AMAX is already shaping up to a fan-favorite in Call of Duty: Mobile, so here’s how to unlock this powerful Assault Rifle in Season 5: In Deep Water.

How to unlock the AMAX in CoD Mobile

Luckily, there’s no real challenge or price tag behind unlocking the CR-56 AMAX, as it’s included in the Season 5 free Battle Pass. Simply play games of CoD Mobile until you hit Tier 21, and the CR-56 AMAX will be yours.

You can skip this process by purchasing one of the Battle Pass bundles that allow you to skip a ton of tiers. Depending on how much you want to spend, you can either skip 12 or 50 tiers with the following bundles:

  • Premium Battle Pass 12-Tier Bundle – 1280 COD Points
  • Premium Battle Pass 50-Tier Bundle – 1850 COD Points

Also, for buying the premium Battle Pass, you can get the exclusive Torpedo Blueprint to add a unique design to your CR-56 AMAX.

Call of Duty Mobile AMAX

CoD Mobile devs promised that you can build your AMAX in several ways, as the “weapon has a large number of stock attachments,” which you can replace to make the AMAX especially effective at either close or long-range engagements.

They also said that the “CR-56 AMAX is easy to control and can make quick work of the enemy via headshots,” so expect to see it used in a variety of different loadouts and playstyles.

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Image Credit: Activision

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