CoD Mobile Season 10 weapons leaked

Andrew Highton
cod mobile operators with blurred gun

Some new details, courtesy of a leak, have shown off some new CoD Mobile Season 10 weapons that players can look forward to.

Call of Duty’s handheld version continues to go from strength to strength as CoD Mobile Season 10 is in the works, and a leak has potentially revealed its new guns early.

Whereas Cold War, Warzone, and the incoming Vanguard continue to make waves across all major platforms, the more restricted CoD Mobile refuses to fall behind. Each new season of the game welcomes a new map or two, maybe the odd exciting game mode, and more guns for your arsenal.

CoD Mobile has over 100 weapons to wield as it is, but new seasons continue to make this number grow, and thanks to a new leak, we may know CoD Mobile Season 10’s latest guns that players may be able to use to dominate all of their future enemies.

cod mobile loadout guns

Twitter user @Mrlin97656979 has slowly leaked new weapons for CoD Mobile Season 10 through a series of separate Tweets that shows off four new weapons for players to get their hands on.

The data was put together by a Reddit post on the Call of Duty Mobile subreddit, and it showed all four guns together, including some very familiar weapons.

The leak implies that CoD Mobile Season 10 players will be able to equip the D13 Sector from Black Ops III, the VKM 750 from Black Ops IIII, and the P90 and PKM that have featured in several Call of Duty games.

CoD Mobile has become a ‘best of’ by including content from all Call of Duty games, and these new guns would be a perfect example of that.

As with all leaks, you should take this information with a traditional pinch of salt, and we will see if these weapons do turn up in CoD Mobile Season 10.

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Image Credit: Activision