How to get Vanguard’s Lucas Riggs Operator free in CoD Mobile

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Lucas Riggs is another Vanguard operator coming to CoD: Mobile, and you can redeem him for free for a limited time.

Each Operator in CoD has its own unique appearance, backstory, and dialogue. It’s through these characters that Activision brings the world of Call of Duty to life.

It’s not too often that players get brand new Operators. Players can buy different skins for their operators, but this only changes their physical appearance. Luckily, with the release of CoD: Vanguard, players are getting 12 new Operators.

It’s an even rarer occurrence when new Operators come to CoD: Mobile. However, a new Operator from Vanguard is making their way to CoD: Mobile, and you can claim them for free.

How to get Lucas Riggs in CoD: Mobile

Lucas Riggs in CoD VanguardOperator Lucas Riggs in CoD: Vanguard

Lucas Riggs is an Australian S.O.T.F. 001 member and explosives expert. He is one of the 12 playable Operators introduced in CoD: Vanguard. And like Arthur Kingsley before him, Lucas Riggs is available in CoD: Mobile.

However, Riggs is only available for a limited time. Players can unlock Riggs in CoD: Mobile starting on November 5 alongside the launch of Vanguard. You will have until December 16 at 11:59 PM UTC to redeem him.

Below are the steps you will follow to unlock Lucas Riggs:

  • Launch CoD: Mobile at any point between November 5 and December 16
  • Check the in-game event page — it will be clearly visible upon launch — to claim Lucas Riggs.

If he is not immediately available in-game after redeeming the offer, wait at least 24 hours before contacting Activision Support

Unlocking Lucas Riggs is a simple as logging in to CoD: Mobile and clicking a few boxes. Sadly, this doesn’t unlock Riggs for Warzone despite the ability to link your mobile and Activision accounts.

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All 12 Vanguard Operators will be available in Warzone as a part of Season One. Until then, you can hop into Vanguard to check out the new Operators, including Lucas Riggs.

For more CoD: Mobile, make sure you’re playing on the best settings, and stay tuned for more news and guides.

Image Credit: Activision/ Sledgehamme Games/ Tencent

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