Last chance to sign-up for the Call of Duty National Qualifiers – Registration closes Feb. 28th

The Call of Duty World League Nation Qualifiers are region-locked events in several different countries for paid trips to future CWL events.

The registration period for these National Qualifiers end tomorrow, February 28th. The events are held online in Black Ops 4 and are region-locked for optimal gameplay experiences. The winners of each qualifiers will win travel and accommodation at CWL Fort Worth in March.

The events will be played using the same CWL ruleset as used in League Play.

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The regions from which you can sign-up to play are as follows:

You can sign-up for the these tournaments by clicking the respective region above. You will need yourself and four other teammates as these events are played in 5v5 format with CWL Variant gamemodes.

The tournaments are hosted on and you will need a free GB account as well as a linked PSN to play. Registration closes at 11:59pm EST.

Good luck to all competitors.

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