Xbox players requesting refunds on Black Ops Cold War over constant crashes

Andrew Highton

It’s been no secret that Black Ops Cold War has suffered from countless problems, errors, glitches, and bugs since its initial launch. But the issues have reached a boiling point with Xbox players now requesting refunds on BOCW due to the frequency of its crashing.

Games crashing is nothing new, it’s been happening since the dawn of time, and probably the night before that. But Black Ops Cold War’s problems are notably widespread and fears over its toxicity seem to be increasing rather than going away.

As a result, gamers are now seeking to rid themselves of any potential damage to their brand new consoles by requesting refunds. Consumers are being reimbursed for their acquisition of digital editions of BOCW by Microsoft.

ruka in bocw

Black Ops Cold War refunds

The last thing anyone wants is their brand new, expensive hardware to fail. But that sadly seems to be the case with Treyarch and CoD: Black Ops Cold War. Reddit has been flooded with complaints and echoes of dissatisfaction from unhappy Call of Duty gamers on Xbox.

But this negativity has only escalated recently with buyers now going as far as to return the game altogether. Reddit user HartAttackMan666 shared an image showing their official confirmation email from Microsoft saying that they’ve been refunded for their Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War – Cross-Gen bundle.

One of the main concerns regarding the Xbox Series X bricking issue is the lack of communication surrounding it. Apart from very briefly addressing that there’s a problem, Treyarch hasn’t really sought to reassure buyers.

Xbox Series X players trying to enjoy some Black Ops Cold War are being subjected to constant crashes of the title and it turning off the console. The worrisome thing is that after doing this multiple times, people aren’t even getting to see the reboot screen as the console has become completely inoperable and uncommunicative.

You’d assume that this is currently the number one to-do item for Treyarch at the moment, especially with Christmas right around the corner. The issue needs to be fixed post-haste before BOCW’s sales are jeopardized further and more refunds are processed.

Image credits: Treyarch