Warzone glitch lets players use unreleased AMP63 Pistol in Cold War

Liam Mackay
unlock amp63 early in cold war

Although Season 3’s AMP63 full-auto Pistol hasn’t been released yet, a bizarre glitch is letting Black Ops Cold War players unlock the pistol early – through Warzone.

The official roadmap for Black Ops Cold War Season 3 revealed that six new weapons would be coming to the game over the course of the season. The final weapon that’s yet to be released is the AMP63 fully automatic Pistol, but players are getting their hands on it early.

While the first two weapons of the season are unlocked through the Battle Pass, the in-season weapons are always earned through a challenge. Call of Duty players are reporting that if you complete the unlock challenge for the AMP63 in Warzone, you will unlock the weapon early in Black Ops Cold War.

AMP63 pistol in black ops cold war

Reddit user david_lara54992 spotted another player using the unreleased AMP63 in Cold War and took to social media to find answers. This sparked a discussion that revealed that by completing the pistol unlock challenge in Warzone, you’ll get your hands on the AMP63 in Black Ops Cold War.

Another Reddit user, zLight_Yagami9, who has unlocked the AMP63 in Cold War already, revealed the process. They said that you can unlock it early by getting five pistol kills in 20 Warzone matches. Although the challenge is completed in Warzone, this reportedly only unlocks the sidearm in Black Ops Cold War.

Neither the Pistol nor its challenge shows up in Warzone or Cold War, but the game appears to still track the progress. Players have also confirmed that this challenge can’t be completed in Cold War, so must be done in the battle royale.

The AMP63 is expected to be similar to the controversial Sykov Pistol that dominated close-range encounters until its nerf. Due to this, it’s likely you’ll be seeing players rocking the akimbo full-auto AMP63s in Cold War matches as this exploit gets more widespread.

Neither Raven Software nor Treyarch have addressed this glitch, and there’s no way of telling what will happen once the weapon is officially released. The R1 Shadowhunter Crossbow was accidentally added to the game early and swiftly removed, so its time in the game is likely limited for now.

Image Credit: Activision / Treyarch