Warzone and Black Ops Cold War getting daily challenges

Andrew Highton

The longevity of both Warzone and Black Ops Cold War is being boosted by a whole raft of new additions and changes to both games. One such feature coming very soon will be daily challenges in which players can earn special rewards.

After an initial delay to Season One’s arrival date, it is now definitely here and is already making an impact, thanks to its new guns and maps.

But Treyarch is not stopping there; they have already announced forthcoming plans to introduce newer content to both Warzone and BOCW. Season Levels and new Prestiges are one thing, but Season challenges and Daily challenges will constantly keep you on your toes.

gameplay in bocw online

BOCW & Warzone daily challenges

Given that there’s so much new Call of Duty stuff to get excited about, it’s easy for these challenges to get lost amongst the shuffle. Their impact will be significant when they arrive as they will grant XP Bonuses, Calling Cards, and Master Calling Cards.

This is what Treyarch’s official blog post has to say about the challenges:

“The debut of Season Challenges comes to Multiplayer and Zombies in Season One, offering 20 Challenges per mode across the first 200 Season Levels. Season Challenges are unlocked at every 10 Season Levels and reward players with unique Calling Cards for completing each Season Challenge. Complete a full set to earn a Master Calling Card!”

treyarch statement on daily challenges in bocw and warzone

So the real incentive is trying to earn all of those Calling Cards to net an exclusive Master Calling Card. With these promotions, it’s usually a case of once it ends, you don’t get another shot of earning them, so get them whilst they’re hot.

The post continues further with extra information on incoming daily challenges, too: “Later in the season, Daily Challenges are also planned for Black Ops Cold War and Warzone, with up to nine Challenges to complete each day for additional XP bonuses.”

Although Season One has dropped and we’ve been treated to all this good stuff, the bonuses are still going to keep coming, and the fans will hopefully stay invested in Call of Duty.

Image credits: Treyarch