Two new guns discovered in Black Ops Cold War coming for Season One

Andrew Highton

Following the latest update for BOCW, players have managed to spot the addition of two new weapons to the game’s Combat Record section. These two new guns are surely headed to the game’s arsenal once Season One officially commences.

Despite the disappointing delay of Black Ops Cold War’s imminent first Season, its content and forthcoming offerings are being discovered day-by-day. The latest news suggests that some new hardware is coming to our customizable classes.

It’s not a leak, but perhaps some information that wasn’t supposed to have been included in the game so soon. It documents the new guns and gives some indication of what we can expect.

New Black Ops Cold War guns

BOCW already boasts a hefty selection of firearms to choose from and two new options couldn’t hurt. This is exactly Treyarch‘s philosophy as they are set to add new content across all aspects of Black Ops Cold War when Season One launches on December 16.

A new update for the game aimed to fix a few bugs and generally improve the game’s performance. However, some deeper digging found that if you go to the Combat Record in the multiplayer settings, you can spy two new guns.


The Groza is essentially the FAMAS, a powerful Assault Rifle that has seen action in several Call of Duty games before.

groza in bocw season one

You can also find the Groza’s Mastery Calling Card in the Player’s Identity section too.

groza mastery in bocw


Whereas the Mac-10 is a tightly-packed SMG that shares the same kind of traits and characteristics as the Milano 821 AKA the Uzi.

Similair to the Groza you can find the Mac-10’s Mastery Calling Card in the same section.

mac-10 mastery in bocw

It remains unclear as to why Season One was delayed as Call of Duty games don’t usually suffer these kinds of delays.

However, with new details dropping each day it seems, it will be enough to keep fans invested and generate a lot of excitement ahead of the game’s unofficial full launch.

Image credits: CODTracker