Treyarch change Moscow map in Black Ops Cold War

Liam Mackay
Black ops cold war moscow

In the Black Ops Cold War pre-Season 2 update, Treyarch has made some much-welcome changes to the Moscow map.

For the most part, Moscow has been received positively by the Black Ops Cold War community. Coming from Modern Warfare’s more convoluted maps, Moscow’s classic three-lane design was a welcome return.

The action is focused in the middle, and there are plenty of nifty flanking routes you can take advantage of. It’s even made it into all three modes of the CDL and League Play.

However, the one problem with Moscow that players took issue with was how far out players spawned. In the pre-Season 2 update for Black Ops Cold War, Treyarch has made changes to address this.

Previously, there was dead space at the edges of Moscow. Players never ventured there, and they were typically only used as spawn points. Now, ahead of Cold War Season 2, these areas of dead space have been removed.

While the change may look small on the surface, it will make a big difference in both competitive and regular play. While in Hardpoint or Control, ‘spawning out’ is a team’s worst nightmare. This means that you’re spawning far away from the objective, and the other team will have full map control.

black ops cold war moscow

With how far players previously spawned out in Moscow, there were major lulls in the action. With the edges of Moscow being tightened, players won’t spawn as far out, making the action more constant and spawns less punishing.

It’s encouraging to see Treyarch address issues with its map design. Many players dislike Miami for its size and darkness, so a new daylight version of Miami is coming in Season 2. Now, if they wouldn’t mind trimming the bushes in Cartel next, much of the community would be grateful.

Image Credit: Treyarch