Treyarch buffs Black Ops Cold War’s E-Tool

Andrew Highton
cod cold war e-tool

Treyarch has buffed the new E-Tool melee weapon following fan complaints after its Season 2 release.

Despite Assault Rifles and Submachine Guns generally receiving all the acclaim and adulation in Call of Duty games, there is a minority who can’t get enough of melee weapons. Members of the community get the same thrill and satisfaction out of a well-placed slice as others do with a bullet.

Amongst the Season 2 additions were the new Outbreak Mode, new maps, and fresh guns, and there was also a new melee weapon for players to go crazy with.

cod cold war melee knife

So fans of Black Ops Cold War’s E-Tool will be pleased to know that a buff has finally been applied to the melee weapon, making it a one-hit kill instead of a two-hit, while also maintaining its fast movement and melee speeds.

Here’s the changes that were made, per the official Treyarch Blog.

  • Changed from two-hit to one-hit kill.
  • Reduced melee swipe time.
  • Slightly increased movement speed boost.

This fix comes as a quick response to complaints from players that were spread across various social media platforms.

Yesterday, in a response to Twitter user Prop, who was asking for the E-Tool to be buffed, the official Treyarch Studios account replied “Since you used the magic word…keep an eye on tomorrow’s patch notes.”

Looks like Treyarch definitely did deliver this patch quickly to players who were dissatisfied with the weapon, giving it much-needed love in today’s update.

As a reminder, the E-Tool is available for free to all players through an in-game challenge, and you can read a guide on how to unlock the weapon here.

Image credits: Activision / Treyarch

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