Treyarch adds feature to Cold War that fans have wanted since day one

Andrew Highton
cod cold war treyarch feature

Black Ops Cold War Season 2 has introduced lots of new content to the game, but Treyarch has now added something else which will please some fans.

It’s always going to be tough to fully satisfy your fanbase as millions of Call of Duty players will naturally warrant so many different thoughts, ideas, and opinions. In the last week alone, fans have been asking for Zombies weapon unlock changes, changes to the E-Tool, and a classic playlist.

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Every now and again something new will be introduced or welcomed back to CoD, and Treyarch has added this small change to please fans in Cold War Season 2.

cod cold war loadout

Player appeasement is a massive thing when it comes to a game, especially the latest Call of Duty title. You obviously want your fans to be happy and to keep coming back, and the longer you remain deaf to their pleas, the worse things get.

Black Ops Cold War is a tough ask to constantly maintain and improve given that there are so many components to it. Between the campaign, multiplayer, Zombies, Outbreak, and even elements to do with Warzone, there’s a lot to keep an eye on.

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However, it’s a small change that Treyarch has implemented that should remind people that their wants are being listened to. Since the game’s release, if a player went to Create-A-Class and properly investigated their loadouts, they would see a glaring oversight.

Any attachments that players had on their weapons would not be visible on the graphic displayed on the screen, but now, they have finally been added.

This may only be a subtle change to some people that won’t affect their life, but to some, it will help differentiate their classes and make things clearer.

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It may not be as significant as the new Shot Tracker System that came with Season 2, but it should put a smile on some faces.

Image credits: Treyarch

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